Cut my Rhinestone Template for me?

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Cut my Rhinestone Template for me?

PostPosted by pauletts » Tue Sep 08, 2015 12:13 pm

I recently submitted a request for a custom rhinestone transfer and after waiting a week to get a response, I was told no because you feared the graphic I used was copyrighted. I don't believe it is, but I will double check and get permission. Then after clarifying that, I still got a no because the responder said you only make 12" by 12" designs at the largest. Mine is 20" by 20".

I created the template using your wizard, which is AWESOME by the way. It has 3 color separations and a grand total of just under 10,000 stones. I am scared that my vinyl cutter won't cut them good enough. I have struggled with it before. I have kind of an entry level professional cutter from US Cutter. If I get the proper permission, can you cut them out for me on the 24" sticky flock? If not, do you know someone who can do that for me?

Thank you!
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