Weekly chat July 9th, 2014

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Weekly chat July 9th, 2014

PostPosted by Julie » Wed Jul 09, 2014 8:18 am

Morning all,

A little late to kick off the weekly chat, but I only just got back into country and it seems Linda is out of country lol.

Well, my trip home to the UK was just what I needed. Lots of cuddles from family members, drinks with friends and a fresh breath of good old English Country side.
Way too much food, but i'm ok with that ;)

Catching up on email, got to say "I'm a little pissed" with my girls. They really did not take care of business the way I thought they would have. Will be having strong words this morning with them. Feel completely let down and wondering if i can trust my lively hood in their hands!!! I might be being a little OTT, but all the little things add up and they have been working for me long enough to know what I expect!!!
As a result, I have phone calls and emails to send to customers today. Nothing terribly wrong, but a few I'm sorry its late emails I think are needed.

What's everyone up to?? Enjoying the kids being on break???
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Re: Weekly chat July 9th, 2014

PostPosted by Dixie's Chick » Wed Jul 09, 2014 1:05 pm

Back late last night and with the exception of one order hubby was afraid to press. everything went smoothly.

the kitchen is a complete disaster. I had to reorder 3 cabinets....The ones I have are usable in a different location, BUT, really ticked about it. Suffice to say all the extra bits and pieces I was going o buy from them, I will not be

Boy and I had a wonderful time on the beach. The weather was perfect! 85-90 durring the day and 80 with a good breeze at night. Hoping I hold my tan for more than a day.

Busy catch up the next few days. It was slow over the 4th which I expected.

Sorry about your girls Julie The answer is NO, you can't put others in charge of your livelihood. They don't care the way you do.

back to the grind and hoping the fridge will be out of my front hall by tomorrow afternoon AND I have some working lights :-)
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Re: Weekly chat July 9th, 2014

PostPosted by Spirit Sparkle » Thu Jul 10, 2014 2:19 pm

OMG! It's Thursday!?! What happened??

Julie, I'm glad your trip was good but sorry that the girls didn't step up! Remind them it isn't just your livelihood but theirs too. If you don't have business, they don't have a job. Owner's rarely fire themselves and keep workers.

Linda, sorry about the kitchen...I'm beginning to have nightmares! I have the doors from my friends and we are building the boxes (the doors are full frame), I know there will be issues. Plan Check told us to have the structural guy redraw on of the details, makes me wonder about these structural dudes because it was something even my bro saw wasn't correct.

Had family out from Utah for the 50th Anniversary of AYSO Soccer. My nephew is a goalie for one of the teams. Was at soccer games from Wednesday through Sunday, nephew's team didn't make it to playoffs but there were other games he was in. Still don't understand the game completely but had a great time.
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